giovedì 30 ottobre 2008

povere bestie!!!

. NINJA DOG. Here’s our main problem with Ninja Dog. The costume says Ninja Dog, but let’s all cut the sh*t and admit what this dog really is: INSANE ASYLUM DOG. What Ninja wears scrubs? And has stuff wrapped around his legs? Shouldn’t this dog be in all black? Judging by his expression, this gorgeous goldie retrieves feels the same way we do: Confused.
1. PUG BRIDE. Note to Pug Groom: This bitch is totally not psyched about your impending pup-tuals. In fact, we think we spot little sneaks on her to help with her mid-vow escape. Then again, with enough red wine and litters, this could end up being a marriage that really works! And clearly, literal Pug Tears make this the saddest costume of all.. TIKI PUG BOSTON TERRIER. Guess what this dog is looking into? A huge mirror. And guess what he’s thinking? “Holy sh*t, I look like a f**king a**hole.” Doggy crack kills people!

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